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Reporter Jason Shoultz finds out how some states are handling an old problem in new ways...dealing with cattle rustlers! Reporter Sarah Gardner discovers an Ohio family farm where generations pull together to plant their corn crop. Reporter Rob Stewart visits Pennsylvania's Burpee Seed Company to see how crops get their start. Reporter Akiba Howard finds a rural community in Nebraska where residents say you can find the best in their "wurst".

Rounding Up RustlersRounding Up Rustlers
You might have thought cattle rustling was a thing of Wild West days. But farmers and ranchers in the heartland are facing cattle rustlers who use high tech equipment and old time stealth to get away with livestock. We'll take you to California where authorities are using new tools to fight rustlers.



Planting SeasonPlanting Season
Spring is a critical time for American farmers trying to get their crops into the fields. What happens when the weather is not cooperative? We meet one Ohio farm family battling the elements as they get ready to put in their corn crop.


From The Ground UpFrom The Ground Up
How does your garden grow? Probably with seeds from a certain heartland company. Burpee Seed Company in Warminster, Pennsylvania has been providing food and flowers to farmers and gardeners since 1876.


Best Of The WurstBest Of The Wurst
Eustis, Nebraska was settled by German immigrants in the 1880’s and has kept its rich German history. Today, tourists come for the sausage! Gregg Wolf is well known in this rural Nebraska community for his skill in making the best of the "wurst".


From The Ground UpHarvesting Knowledge: Rice
Rice has fed more people over a longer period of time than any other crop. It was first cultivated in China, and throughout history, has made its way to crops on every continent (except Antarctica, of course).


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