Episode 508 addthis
Reporter John Lobertini takes us to meet a Utah ranching family where sheep, snowmobiles and horses are part of a family operation that’s been honored for protecting the environment. Reporter Akiba Howard visits a Nebraska farm where a young couple has decided to make their future on the land. Reporter Sarah Gardner discovers that a "better chicken" comes from research that ultimately affects dinner on your table. Reporter Rob Stewart finds a New England company bringing the past to life in restoring America’s historic barns.

Working With NatureWorking With Nature
Many city dwellers know little about what takes place on a farm or ranch because there’s limited opportunity to come in contact with those who make a living on the land. One farm family in Utah is making that connection in a unique combination of ranching and recreation.



A Life PlanA Life Plan
Success in any business depends on energy and innovation. America's Heartland visits Nebraska to meet a young farm family whose efforts impact the kind of crops that make their way to your supermarket.


Better BroilersBetter Broilers
With increased chicken choices at fast food restaurants and chicken being a popular choice for those looking for a low fat, high protein meal, the demand for chicken grows and so does the need to produce more birds for market. We'll take you to Arkansas where one agricultural operation works to build a better bird!


Saving America's HeritageSaving America's Heritage
A bit of America's Heritage is preserved when Ken Epworth, known as "The Barn Man" restores 250 year old dairy barns. Ken's business takes place in Vermont, but customers all the way across the country want to own one of these beautiful restored barns.


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