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Reporter Jason Shoultz has the inspiring story of a Colorado rural community that rallied to save the town’s grocery store. Reporter Sarah Gardner visits an Arkansas community where harvesting fish is a key industry - hundreds of miles from the ocean. Reporter Yolanda Vazquez meets a Tennessee couple who decided their future lay in raising large Clydesdale horses. Reporter Rob Stewart talks with a young man who plans to one day return to the family farm.

Saving The StoreSaving The Store
Many rural communities are coming together to save their heritage and their towns. In the small Colorado town of Walsh, townspeople and farmers crafted a plan to keep the town’s grocery story alive and profitable. It’s a scene being played out in other farm communities across the heartland.



A Fish TaleA Fish Tale
Seafood has taken on a much higher profile for consumers these days, both for taste and for nutrition. We'll take you to a one-of-a-kind research facility in Arkansas where the focus is on fish and it's 375 miles from the ocean!


Tall In The SaddleTall In The Saddle
Ted and Julia Wycall are new to farming, but their desire to raise particular produce and sell directly to consumers has given them a new direction in life. This young Maryland couple has joined with others in giving new life to their old family farm.


Goin' HomeGoin' Home
These days, you probably know someone who has found themselves in the position of wondering what they'll do for the rest of their lives. For one farm family in Wyoming, that decision involved a commitment to leaving city life behind and going back to working the family farm.


Tall In The SaddleOff the Shelf: Cheese
What do quesadillas, sandwiches, burgers, dips, spreads, and cracker toppings have in common? Cheese! An average American eats 31 pounds of cheese a year. Learn where it all comes from, and the many types you can enjoy.


Tall In The SaddleHarvesting Knowledge: Potato Chips
Chances are you like potato chips. Even if you don't, learn a little history of one of America's favorite snack foods.


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