Episode 505 addthis
Reporter Jason Shoultz finds a family cattle ranch in Colorado where the 20 thousand acres are overseen by a young woman rancher. Reporter Sarah Gardner discovers an Arkansas family who took on the challenge of developing a new kind of rice that's found favor with customers in Japan. Reporter Rob Stewart heads for Lucy's Sheep Camp in Wyoming where a young woman farmer uses the wool she raises to create unique woolen garments. Reporter John Lobertini finds a very unusual ranching operation in Utah. This rancher has horses, cattle and ZEBRAS!

Life ChoicesLife Choices
Ranching is in a certain Ivy League cowgirls' blood. Jen Johnson holds a degree from Princeton - yet, unique against many other graduates, shes returned back to the land and agriculture which runs strong through generations in her family. Shes tending to cattle the exact same way her ancestors did over 100 years ago!



New MarketsNew Markets
At a very special farm near England, Arkansas - beautiful voices and violin music are a sign that rice season has begun! The unique Isbell farm grows rice, not just any rice though, a very special variety of Japanese rice called Koshihikari.


A Focus On FabricA Focus On Fabric
Do you have wool sweaters in your wardrobe? Are you looking for something exotic from our wooly sheep friends? Well, a Wyoming sheep rancher takes a unique approach to converting wool to art.


Earning Your StripesEarning Your Stripes
Zebras in Utah? Duane Gilbert is not your typical rancher. Sure he raises cattle on his Utah ranch and has some horses as part of his operation as well. But if you check the pasture land on his Castle Dale Ranch, youre going to find some unusual looking livestock that originated from Africa!


The Kids Are AlrightOff the Shelf: Dried Plums
Don't call them prunes anymore. We call them dried plums now. 99% of the U.S. supply of dried plums are grown in california. Plums contain more antioxidants than any other fruit.



The Kids Are AlrightHarvesting Knowledge: Bananas
Bananas are one of the most popular fruits on earth. The banana plant is actualy not a tree. It's a large herb in the same family as lilies and orchids.

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