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Reporter Jason Shoultz examines how a new plant disease called "Citrus Greening" threatens to devastate citrus growers across the country. Reporter Sarah Gardner heads out to roundup some Texas Longhorns. But these cattle aren't found in the wide open spaces of the American West, but in the rolling hills of southeast Ohio. Reporter Rob Stewart finds a school in Massachusetts where novices to farming can learn how to make a living on the land. Reporter Yolanda Vazquez finds an Arkansas couple whose unique sweet potato business has earned them customers worldwide.

Citrus ConcernsCitrus Concerns
Citrus Greening Disease is a deadly bacterium that could severely cripple America's citrus industry, meaning less fruit and juice for your home at a much higher price. For now, research is underway and scientists and growers are aggressively attacking the problems.



An American ClassicAn American Classic
Texas Longhorn cattle is, of course, associated with the Lone Star State. But we discover one of America's top Longhorn Cattle producers deep in the heart of the Ohio Valley. And they pride themselves on producing better beef for America's dinner tables.


Country ClassroomsCountry Classrooms
Ever think about getting back to the land or getting there in the first place? Well, there's a very special farm school in Athol, Massachusetts where young and old explore the work and enjoyment that goes into becoming a full time farmer.


Sweetness From The SoilSweetness From The Soil
At Matthew Ridgeview farms, nearly a third of a million sweet potatoes are processed and packaged each week! Sweet potatoes have been a part of this family for over 100 years and they've become the biggest sweet potato producer in Arkansas.


Sweetness From The SoilHarvesting Knowledge: Pizza
You say "tomAYto", I say tomAHto". No matter how it's said, the tomato owes its original success to pizza. From the humble begginings with Roman soldiers, to the modern frozen and delivered pizzas.


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