Episode 422   addthis
Host Paul Ryan visits the Colorado State Fair to check out a growing interest in agriculture from city folks. Paul Ryan gets the lowdown on hops and beer in Washington State. Reporter Rob Stewart visits a bio-diesel lab at the University of New Hampshire. Jason Shoultz travels to Minnesota and Kansas where two rural communities both claim to have the largest twine ball in the world.

Hops CropsHops Crops
Ready for a cold one? Washington farmers turn out delicate flowering hops to brew Americas best beers. The Yakima Valley is the largest hops growing region in the nation. Its also home to the Puterbaugh family who have been growing hops since the 1930s.



Really Going GreenReally Going Green
The very tiniest of plants, algae, may hold a key in solving Americas energy concerns. Scientists at a bio-diesel lab at the University of New Hampshire are dedicating their time and their energy to determine whether or not that green goo can be converted into energy for the future!


Colorado State FairColorado State Fair
Since 1872, the Colorado State Fair has continued to celebrate American agriculture each and every year. And lets not forget the food and fun! We talk with Colorados Commissioner of Agriculture about the importance of ag to the Centennial State.


Rolling Up A RecordRolling Up A Record
A rural Kansas community bids for bragging rights on the worlds biggest ball of twine. In the small town of Cawker City sits an 18,000 pound ball of twine started by a farmer back in 1953. Although, believe it or not; a town in Minnesota is home to another giant ball of twine competing for the Worlds Record.


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