Episode 421   addthis
Host Paul Ryan travels to Maine to visit an agricultural fair. Reporter Rob Stewart traces the heritage and growth of a cherry orchard in Washington. Paul visits a unique ranching couple and attends Food U in Arizona. Jason Shoultz travels to Wisconsin to find out what fine folks are feeding Fido.

Food UniversityFood University
Farmers and ranchers today are taking a more direct approach in bringing both food and information about agriculture to the consumer. Meet an Arizona ranching couple who brought their products to Food University...a national program that brings producers and consumers together to learn about food and farming.



Harvest & HeritageHarvest & Heritage
Washington is one of agricultures top production states. The region is well known for wheat, timber and hops as well as a wide variety of fruits from apples to cherries. Meet one of the regions most successful fruit tree operations. The Stemilt family has been growing apples and cherries for generations.


Maine Agricultural FairMaine Agricultural Fair
Its one of largest and most popular agricultural fairs in America. Fryeburg, Maine welcomes farmers, ranchers and timber people to this annual fair which draws visitors from all across the Northeast. Host Paul Ryan finds out more about harvesting and handling timber as he tries his hand at some fast action crosscut work.


Fine Dining For FidoFine Dining For Fido
This is a story for those folks who love their pampered pooches. One pet owner went looking for upscale eats for her dogs and found that she had a business opportunity staring her in the face. Jason Shoultz visits a remarkable pet food operation where the treats are tasty and designed for those who think their animals deserve the best.


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