Episode 419   addthis
Host Paul Ryan learns about fresh seafood at Seattle's Pike Place Market. Reporter Jason Shoultz learns about efforts to protect the fisheries in Long Island Sound. Reporter Yolanda Vazquez meets a Kentucky family who left the city behind to start a mushroom farming operation. Reporter Jim Finnerty heads for the Lone Star State. Texas is America's #1 cotton producer and research there is looking to improve how the fiber is used in clothing.

Protecting The HarvestProtecting The Harvest
Fishermen pull a harvest of oysters and shellfish from the waters of Long Island Sound, but 25 years ago that harvest was threatened by pollution that was killing the livelihoods of the people who worked on the sound. So one group decided to take some dramatic steps to change that.



Fungi FarmingFungi Farming
Billy and Becky Webb have a unique farming operation in the backwoods of Kentucky. Taking part in a state sponsored growing plan, they are turning land that used to grow tobacco into land that is now producing specialty mushrooms.



Pike's Place MarketPike Place Market
It's one of the biggest attractions in Washington State. Seattle's Pike Place Market welcomes millions of visitors...and shoppers...each year. But the market's history and current attraction provides an outlet for farmers and ranchers in the region to sell their products directly to the public.


Improving The CropImproving The Crop
It's one of the oldest fibers in the world. Cotton has been around since biblical times and even before. So what can you do to make cotton more attractive? Well research at Texas Tech University is looking at developments in new fiber varieties and how those fibers can be used to create better cotton products.


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