Episode 418   addthis
Host Paul Ryan learns about farm machinery at the Central Washington Farm Expo. Then Paul visits with a New Mexico family for whom the ranching lifestyle is important in a changing agricultural landscape and whose farm dates back more than a century. Reporter Jason Shoultz travels to New York City where urban dwellers are supporting local farmers providing "fresh from the farm" produce. Reporter Sarah Gardner meets an Oregon family that's bringing consumers right to the fields to insure their produce is "fresh".

Rugged RanchlandRugged Ranchland
There's a Wild West story of cattle and exotic antelope on an historic New Mexico ranch. The Fergusons family has been ranching the same patch of land for the past 150 years. It's a bit like stepping inside a Wild West movie, complete with buckboards, covered wagons, cavalry forts and cowboys and Indians.



Urban AgricultureUrban Agriculture
"Urban" agriculture is alive and well in the heart of "The Big Apple." There's growing idea where access to fresh foods could help the overall health of a community. Each Saturday from June to November a city block in East New York City is turned into a farmers market.


Antique Tractor ShowAntique Tractor Show
Paul Ryan visits the annual Antique Farm Exposition in central Washington; one of the many gatherings across the heartland celebrating the rural experience. The farmers attending the expo take great pride in showing off their antique farm equipment. But the expo is also a way to connect with days gone by.


Blossoms Of HopeBlossoms Of Hope
A journey that began half a world away is part of the rich history of Japanese American farm family growing sweet produce in Oregon. With a front row seat to Mount Hood's majestic landscape; the Tamura family continues to keep their historic orchard alive and well.


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