Episode 415   addthis
Host Paul Ryan learns about cheese making at a one of a kind sheep dairy in New Jersey. Reporter Jason Shoultz goes on a watery harvest for clams off the Gulf Coast of Florida. Reporter Ron Hyde finds out how citrus research is developing flavorful new varieties at a growing operation in Central California. Reporter Yolanda Vazquez travels to Rhode Island where sheep ranchers have found a way to market their wool to local consumers.

Bagging The BivalvesBagging The Bivalves
The warm waters of the Florida Panhandle are the perfect place to bring in a unique harvest from the sea. Travel south to meet a Florida family that "farms" clams in the waters of Alligator Harbor.



Sweet & SourSweet & Sour
You may not think about it when you go to the store, but the variety of citrus fruits that we enjoy come from extensive research programs into making fruit bigger, sweeter better.


Valley Shepherd CreameryValley Shepherd Creamery
New Jersey is home to a different kind of farming operation. The Valley Shepherd Creamery makes a wide variety of cheeses from sheep’s milk. You may not realize it, but most of us have enjoyed sheep’s milk cheese in the past and the creamery wants consumers to find out more about the unique cheese flavors that come from sheep’s milk.


Rhody WarmRhody Warm
Rhode Island Sheep ranchers have begun a new program to make consumers aware of their products and enjoy special blankets made from Rhode Island wool, The products, known as "Rhody Warm" have become a local favorite and ranchers are looking at markets beyond the Mid Atlantic States.


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