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Host Paul Ryan learns about farming in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Reporter Sarah Gardner visits an Oregon farm whose specialized seeds are used by farmers and growers across the country. Reporter Jason Shoultz travels to Wisconsin where a growing market for exotic poultry is spelling success for a pheasant farming operation. Reporter Akiba Howard has the story of draft horses taking to the field for farm work in Texas.

Special SeedsSpecial Seeds
The crop that goes into the ground is only as good as the seed that goes into it. And that's especially so at Triangle Farms in central Oregon which is preserving its own heritage one seed at a time. For the past 60 years, this sixth generation family farm has been specializing in seed production and processing of many different seed crops from grasses to forbs.



Premier PoultryPremier Poultry
In Janesville, Wisconsin a farm family is raising birds of a much different feather – Pheasants. At the MacFarlane Pheasant farm the birds are raised to fulfill a growing demand for exotic poultry. Bill MacFarlane is a second generation pheasant farmer who is in charge of the operation which was started by his uncle back in 1929.


Landis Valley MuseumLandis Valley Museum
In the Pennsylvania Dutch Country near Lancaster lies the Landis Valley Museum. A living history museum, dedicated to the culture and heritage of the German farm families that settled this area in the 1700s, bringing to life 200 years of culture from the Pennsylvania German community.


Energetic EquineEnergetic Equine
It was horses like these that spurred the dramatic growth of agriculture in America. In the early 1800's, it was oxen that plowed the fields of a young nation. But a growing population demanded bigger farms. And new equipment demanded more pulling power. So big, steady European draft horses made their way to America's shores.


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