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Host Paul Ryan visits the Reading Terminal in Philadelphia where farm produce and locally produced goods make their way to consumers in the city. Then Paul heads for Clarence, Missouri to visit a high tech hog farm. Reporter Sarah Gardner tells the story of Bob Evans, a farmer turned entrepreneur whose country sausage created a restaurant chain and made him a household name. Then reporter Jason Shoultz travels to Chaska, Minnesota which is home to a unique pickle packing operation.

High Tech HogsHigh Tech Hogs
The Chinn family hog farm in Clarence, Missouri is a high tech operation that turns out thousands of hogs each year. But look around this multi generational farm and you will see some very high tech equipment helping the family turn out hogs on this historic land.



Down Home HospitalityDownhome Hospitality
Travel across many parts of the country and you'll see the famous red and white Bob Evans Family Restaurants. And while the name is famous today, the Bob Evans story started on a small family farm in Ohio. The success of the farm and restaurant business came from Bob's approach to farming and raising quality products.


Reading Terminal MarketReading Terminal Market
Philadelphia Pennsylvania's Reading Terminal Market draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, visitors looking for fresh produce, meats and Philadelphia favorites. The historic market has been open for more than a hundred years and you can find specialty items that have made the market famous.


Premier PicklesPremier Pickles
Like a great pickle? If you're a pickle connoisseur, you've probably tasted Gedney Pickles. This Minnesota firm has been making great pickles for 128 years. It’s a family operation that uses special cucumbers and special brines to turn out sweet and sour and sweet and tangy pickles.

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