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Host Paul Ryan takes us to the Kansas City Farmers Market, a historic market that brings food direct from the farm to consumers. We visit with a young Illinois couple starting a farm career thanks to a growing demand for goats. Reporter Jason Shoultz travels to Wisconsin where cheese makers are finding new demand for unusual flavors. Reporter Sarah Gardner takes us to Vermont where one farmer brings local food from the field to his very unusual diner.

A New StartA New Start
Jennifer and Andy Miller are just starting out in farming. She's a veterinarian; he's a research scientist with the University of Illinois. Both have farming backgrounds, but this is the first time they've begun their own farm operation outside Sidney, Illinois. And what did they decide to raise in this new ag adventure? Goats.



Real CheeseReal Cheese
Wisconsin has long been known as "America's Dairyland". As you might expect...where you find milk, there's bound to be cheese! Jason Shoultz takes us to Wisconsin for a look at the wide varieties of cheese being created in Wisconsin...tastes that just might surprise you.


Kansas City Farmers MarketKansas City Farmers Market
The Kansas City Farmers Market is a Midwest landmark. It’s been drawing customers looking for local fresh food...for more than a century. Host Paul Ryan takes you behind the scenes to meet the folks who do the farming.


Farmer's DinerFarmer's Diner
Todd Murphy farms in rural Vermont, but that's not why he's considered a local hero. Todd also operates the Farmers Diner in Quechee Gorge, Vermont. It's a local eatery which specializes in using meat and produce from local farmers to satisfy an ever growing number of customers. And, as you might expect, the "Blue Plate Specials" here are really special.


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