Episode 409 addthis
Host Paul Ryan learns about the history of agriculture at the National Agriculture Center & Hall of Fame in Kansas. Reporter Sarah Gardner looks at higher food prices creating new demands for wheat growers in Nebraska. Reporter Yolanda Vazquez travels to Kentucky where students use old world skills for modern horseshoeing needs. Reporter Jason Shoultz visits two Kansas farm communities that lay claim to famous art and the "Garden of Eden."

Crop ConcernsCrop Concerns
Even in this state where locals call themselves "Cornhuskers", wheat is an important crop. We meet a farming family in Blue Springs, Nebraska whose members work each fall to bring in their crops of wheat and corn. Like many farms across the Heartland these days, this farming family has found that they need to diversify to improve their bottom line.



Shoe SchoolShoe School
You may not have realized it, but shoeing a horse is a bit of science and a bit of art. This unique school in Mt. Eden, Kentucky draws students from around the world who want to learn the specialized skills needed to make them experts in this field.


National Agricultural CenterNational AgriculturalCenter
Bonner Springs, Kansas is home to a museum that celebrates all aspects of agriculture in America. We'll take you there to find out how agriculture impacts our lives today whether we live in an urban area or rural community.


Offbeat KansasOffbeat Kansas
Kansas is one of the most successful farm states in the country. Crops and commodities from the Sunflower State are known and enjoyed around the world. But residents of some rural communities in Kansas have other claims to fame in very unique attractions that can be found nowhere else.


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