Episode 408 addthis
Host Paul Ryan visits a Missouri farm family who's diversified their farm business to improve profits. An Illinois farmer find a challenge from nature as spring rains deliver too much water. Reporter Sarah Gardner visits California growers rebounding from wildfire and travels south to investigate the devastation of drought. Reporter Jason Shoultz sees how one weather firm tailors its forecasts for agriculture.

Flooded FieldsFlooded Fields
For Illinois farmer Dale Hadden and for others throughout the Midwest, Spring 2008 is a season to remember. Heavy spring rains filled rivers to overflowing, flooding many of the fields and low lying areas and delaying spring planting in some cases more than a month into mid June.



Nature's ChallengeNature's Challenge
Like every farmer, Bob Luker and Steve Parker have endured hardships over the years due to Mother Nature's wrath. Yet, they remain philosophical about the challenges brought on by natural disasters. And while they adjust to current conditions, both are looking ahead; making changes for the future.


Hurst Family FarmHurst Family Farm
The Hurst Family Farm and Greenery in Northern Missouri has faced everything Mother Nature has to offer and has found success through diversification. With assistance from the community the Hurst family was able to begin, what has become, a successful greenhouse business .


An Eye On The SkyAn Eye On The Sky
Rodger Getz is a man who keeps his eyes on the sky. His Agricultural Weather Information Services (AWIS) tracks weather conditions for farmers and ranchers whose livelihood depends on just how much moisture will fall from the sky as well as what kind of temperatures will impact crops and livestock.


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