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Host Paul Ryan takes us to a one of a kind horseradish festival in Collinsville, Illinois. Reporter Jason Shoultz goes on a "hard shell" harvest for oysters in Florida. Reporter Jim Finnerty sees how a growing appetite for wine is changing farmland in Texas. Reporter Sarah Gardner visits a major lemon supplier in southern California.

Working The WaterWorking The Water
In the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, oystermen are pulling succulent seafood from the sandy bottom and sending it along to stores and restaurants all across the southeast. We take to the water with a long time oysterman and learn about the techniques in bringing up these shellfish and about the families who've fished these waters for generations.



Grape RoundupGrape Roundup
The Lone Star State is home to the oldest winery in America, dating back to early Spanish Missionaries. And today, Texas is also home to a growing number of vineyards and vintners turning out award winning wines.


Horseradish FestivalHorseradish Festival
It's a special root that grows in the soil of this Illinois farm community. The area around Collinsville, Illinois is home to growers who turn out the majority of the horseradish raised and sold in the United States. And locals turn out each year for a special festival to celebrate horseradish in all its culinary forms.


Sweet and Sour SuccessSweet and Sour Success
Lemon growers in southern California are proud to say that their crops are known and enjoyed around the world. California lemons thrive in the year round sunshine and each individual tree can turn out an incredible amount of lemons. We learn about the history of this crop and what makes a good choice when it comes to picking lemons


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