Episode 406 addthis
Host Paul Ryan visits a St. Louis area farm family whose farmers market changed their lives. Reporter Yolanda Vazquez finds a young teen who gets a start in farming with the help of his entire town. Reporter Jason Shoultz sees how Midwest dairy farmers work together to create sweet creamery butter. A New Mexico photo shoot gives new details to the "face" of American Agriculture.

A Life ChoiceA Life Choice
At a time when most 19-year olds are finishing their first year in college, Andrew Orr is hard at work on his farm, planting seeds and harrowing soil for this season's crop. Ultimately, reassuring the town of Westport and the local farming community that the investment they've made is worth it.



Churning A LivingChurning A Living
Dairy farmers in the Midwest join forces to turn their milk into sweet creamery butter. As a result, some 3,500 farmers own and supply their milk to the Associated Milk Producers Incorporated (AMPI) butter plant in the small town of New Ulm, Minnesota. The plant churns out 120 million pounds of butter a year!


An American PortraitAn American Portrait
Traveling tens of thousands of miles across the heartland; portrait photographer Paul Mobley takes photographs of America's farmers and ranchers. We caught up with Paul in a remote corner of New Mexico, at the Carter Cattle Ranch, to see first-hand what he does best, capturing the "face" of American agriculture.


Stuckmeyer FarmsStuckmeyer Farms
Stuckmeyer's Farm Market and Greenhouse is a delightful touch of rural America located 20 minutes south of bustling St. Louis in Fenton, Missouri. It's a story that's a credit to the heartland about a farm being passed to a fourth generation.


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