Episode 403 addthis
Host Paul Ryan learns about vet programs to treat horses at the University of California, Davis. Reporter Yolanda Vazquez meets a Massachusetts veterinarian to examine the shortage of large animal vets in the United States. Roswell, New Mexico is known for UFO sightings, but it adds "Sheep Capital of America" to its fame. And Reporter Jason Shoultz finds that Florida farmers benefit from bees and a special kind of honey.

Animal WelfareAnimal Welfare
There is a shortage of large animal veterinarians all across the country. And if the current trend continues, the availability of veterinarians to take care of food production animals will be significantly reduced in the next decade.



Wild & Wooly RoundupWild & Wooly Roundup
On the windswept plateaus of New Mexico, some of America's best wool is being worn by sheep whose yearly shearing provides a valuable agricultural product for ranchers here. New Mexico claims that this region, also known for its sightings of UFOs, is the most productive wool gathering area in the nation.


Veterinary Research UC DavisVeterinary Research UC Davis
Show host Paul Ryan travels to Davis, California where the veterinary school at the University of California works with farmers and ranchers to protect livestock and address medical problems that could have a significant effect on food production for consumers.


A Honey Of A HarvestA Honey Of A Harvest
Honeybee aficionados say that the honey that comes from Florida's Tupelo Trees is some of the sweetest on earth. Reporter Jason Shoultz travels to the Sunshine state and takes a backwater journey on a honey harvest with some sweet results.


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