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Host Paul Ryan visits a California walnut grower turning shells into power for the farm. Reporter Jason Shoultz visits a Minnesota plant that generates electricity from poultry litter. Reporter Hena Cuevas takes us to a North Carolina company using soybeans to make furniture foam. Reporter Ron Hyde meets two California dairymen who have a new approach to selling cheese.

Power To The PoultryPower To The Poultry
Turkeys are big business in Minnesota. In fact, the state raises 46 million turkeys a year. A company in Benson, Minnesota called Fibrominn has come up with an ingenious way to turn that litter into energy - generating close to 55 megawatts! This has made Firbrominn the very first biomass power plant in the country designed to burn poultry waste.



Soybeans, Sofas & MoreSoybeans, Sofas & More
Soybeans have long been used for food products, plastics and a host other creations. But now soybeans are being used to create the very foam cushions that you'll find in your living room sofa! A chemical breakthrough has made it possible for North Carolina's Hickory Springs Manufacturing Company to create this new foam product out of soybean oil.


Dixon Ridge FarmsDixon Ridge Farms
Dixon Ridge Farms, outside Sacramento, California is one of the nation's largest growers and processors of organic walnuts. What makes this farm unique is that owner, Russ Lester, makes sure absolutely nothing goes to waste. Russ has used new scientific advances for his biological and energy needs on the farm.


Say Cheese!Say Cheese!
Dairy is a big deal in California. The Golden Sate is the number one dairy state in the country - a 47 Billion dollar industry. Farmers and dairy product producers are always looking for new and better ways to meet production goals. For Bravo Farms owner Bill Boersma that meant taking on a much younger partner to bring fresh new ideas into the mix.


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