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Host Paul Ryan finds that "pleasant smells" sell at a California Lavender farm. Texas cotton farmers face some challenges from nature in getting in the crop. Reporter Sarah Gardner visits West Virginia where farmers harvest hardwoods on their land. Reporter Jason Shoultz meets a Minnesota artist who captures rural life on canvas.

Starting The SeasonStarting The Season
Texas is the number one cotton producing state in the nation. Barry Evans and his family grow cotton and sorghum on 2000 acres near Kress, Texas. Today Barry is getting the ground ready and nature has some threatening weather that may affect his final crop outcome.



Forested FarmsForested Farms
Farmers in West Virginia grow a wide variety of crops, but a great majority of them depend on timber as well as livestock and row crops to stay profitable on the farm. Timber is an important agricultural product in the Mountain State with timber harvested in each of the state's 55 counties providing four billion dollars a year in income to the state.


The Lavender FarmThe Lavender Farm
The "Lavender Farm" near Lincoln, California raises 185 varieties of lavender and lavender products which are sold to consumers locally as well as distributors across the country. It is a sweet smelling business that this California farming family started literally from the ground up.


The Art Of FarmingThe Art Of Farming
Minnesota farmer Bonnie Mohr runs a dairy farm with her husband and young children. She is also one of the most successful rural life painters in America. Her colorful and detailed artwork depicts the animals on her farm as well as iconic American rural landscape images.


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