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There’s another place in the heartland where innovation and ingenuity are being rewarded – Vermont.  It’s known the world over for some outstanding dairy products. In fact, the Green Mountain state is probably one of the cheesiest places in the Heartland, and we mean that in a good way. Vermont is already well known for its maple syrup. But you may not know that Vermont also claims the largest number of cheese-makers in the country. And Cabot Creamery, in the town of the same name, is by far the largest in Vermont.



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A number of cheese varieties fall under the "Cheddar Cheese" umbrella. During Victorian times, cheese makers in England used carrot juice and marigold petals to create the yellow cheddar color. And Britain's Queen Victoria received a cheddar cheese wheel in 1840 as one of her wedding presents. It weighed more than a thousand pounds.

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