Episode 116   addthis

   Host Paul Ryan discovers the fascinating story behind George Washington, Farmer.
   Ryan digs even deeper into our colonial farming past with a journey to nearby Sussex, Virginia, where he meets a family whose agricultural roots stretch back to Washington’s time.
   Jason Shoultz visited a number of top ag museums.
   The foundation of Allensworth wasn’t so much brick and mortar, or even the dry, dusty bed of the Central Valley. It was built on the passion of one man – Allen Allensworth – in a time of upheaval that changed the lives of all Americans.
   Pat McConahay travels to Texas to dig up the facts about prairie dogs – how they live, how they spread, and why they’re perpetually at the top of ranchers’ “enemies” lists.


George Washington/MonitcelloGeorge Washington/Monitcello
George Washington played many roles in the founding of our nation: commander in chief of the Revolutionary Army. first Pressident, and leader of the Constitutional Convention. All pivotal roles but none, his most cherished profession. 



Virginia Peanut FarmerVirginia Peanut Farmer
Another way to dig even deeper into our colonial farming past is a journey to nearby Sussex, Virginia where Paul met a family whose agricultural roots stretch back to the days of George Washington. Seven generations later, they’re still raising the crops of their ancestors while trying to adapt to the changing times.


Ag MuseumsAg Museums
We’ve talked about places that capture our farming past. But America’s ag history is so much more than that and there are so many places where that diverse history comes alive. Jason Shoultz visited a number of top ag museums.


In the southern San Joaquin Valley of California, there is a tale of a group of black pioneers who started a farming community. The people who built Allensworth a century ago are gone, but the town today is a tribute to what they accomplished.


Prairie DogsPrairie Dogs
This story that has almost nothing to do with America’s farm history – except, you could say that prairie dogs have been plaguing farmers for generations. While most of us might find the little critters cuddly, they’ve brought many a curse to the lips of folks working in the heartland.



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