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As agriculture changes, technology is what drives Mason Dixon Farms near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. From state-of-the-art milking parlors to a system that doesn’t let cow waste go to waste this historic farm is a living laboratory.



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Way back in 1784, the Waybright family bought 375 acres of farm land from Richard Penn, the grandson of William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania, which means “Penn’s Woods”. (source: www.nationalgrange.org)

The Mason Dixon line is the division between the northern (free) and southern (slave) states. It’s named for the two surveyors who mapped the line in the 1760s: Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon.

From the Amish farms and markets of Lancaster County to historic sites like Gettysburg, Pennsylvania offers a wealth of travel experiences. Go to www.visitpa.com to plan your trip.

Pennsylvania Farm Bureau
Pennsylvania Department of  Agriculture

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